Friday, August 3, 2012

in it to win it

Silver Sisters, you have something to put on your toast!  Just email me your particulars, and I'll get things rigged up for the post office.

Thank you all for your stories.   Also, I sensed some passionate interest in the visuals over this last week.  Maybe the Raisin of the future is a Hollywood Hottie Eye Candy SnackPorn site.  I'll think it over this weekend.

Family road trip today, so no big adventures in the kitchen.  I made the trunkload of zucchini I foisted on my unsuspecting sister, whom we are visiting, into that miraculous zucchini soup.  Earlier in the week, my citrus angel sent the most ambrosial oranges you can imagine, which we instantly converted into one of the best things ever to drink in the summer.

That right there, above, is Ryan Gosling eating an apple.  It looks like a crunchy one, doesn't it? 

See you Monday!

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  1. thank you, thnk you, thank you! I am sure looking forward to a brand new jar of jam made by someone who's not me. I haven't decided if I will share this one or sneak it all for me.


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